Can’t submit your video?

  1. Make sure that you do not have MCN running in more than one browser or tab. This can cause overlap of the time signatures.

  2. Be sure that you did not scrub ahead and accidentally miss part of the video. This could happen if you back up to watch a segment over and over and then jump ahead too far.

  3. Your session may have timed out. If you did not see a pop-up telling you that your session has expired, you may need to restart your browser, and log back in.

    Please Note: If you move away from your assignment you will lose your answers. We strongly suggest backing up your answers in a word document before restarting your browser.

Here’s how to check that you have watched 100% of the video.

  1. Go you your “Office Page”, click on “My Observation Archive”, and then click on “Videos Watched”. There you will see the percentage watched for each video.

How do I know if my questions have been submitted?

  1. Go to your “Office Page” and click on “My Assignments”. If the video is listed as “Pending”, it has been submitted – Well done!

If  you continue to have trouble, please email us at  Be sure to include your full name, the video you are having trouble submitting, and anything you have done to try and fix the problem.