With our new release, faculty can write their own questions, edit videos, and create a library of videos/clips to share.  Also, faculty will be able to create an account for a graduate assistant.

Who can join?

Any faculty members in Communication Sciences and Disorders including Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, SLPA, and International CSD Programs.

what can you do?

•     Assign videos for students to obtain guided observation hours.

•     Assign videos clips (segments of videos) that YOU save in your library from our videos.

•     Write and assign your own guided observation or clinical questions.

•     Create a personal library of clinical videos to assign or show in class.

how much does it cost?

Subscriptions are free to all faculty (a $150.00 value). Subscriptions will renew annually.

Student annual subscription is $45.00 (annual renewal). Students can cancel their subscription at any time, and they will still have access to their account until one year from their last payment date.

what students are saying

"I continued to use my Master Clinician membership throughout my first two semesters of graduate school. I experienced a lot of firsts during this time and Master Clinician has helped me through all of them! I learn best by visual examples and hands on learning. Many of the skilled interventions we learn about in class came to life through Master Clinician videos and made it notably easier to apply them in real life therapy sessions. Master Clinician allowed me to become a stronger and more confident clinician. "

Christina M
East Carolina University