Clinical Notes

Ideas that Make a Difference

Your clinical note Should Be:

On a topic of which you are both knowledgable and passionate

based on your own clinical experience

Of interest and benefit to student clinicians

2-4 minutes long

Master Clinician Network (MCN) was created to give students, faculty, and clinicians a window into the clinical process as conducted by expert-level clinicians. Since its founding in 2012, faculty have approved over 500,000 clinical observations using Master Clinician Network.

Clinical Notes are intended to inspire and inform and are based on your own clinical experience. They should provide graduate students with ideas and/or examples that are designed to facilitate their development as clinicians. Topics may include, (but are not limited to) treatment techniques, use of materials, how to talk to parents and caregivers, working with clients who have behavioral issues, report writing, and assessment strategies.

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