With our new release, students can edit videos and create their own library of video clips.

Your library remains part of your account and moves with you to graduate school, into your CF, and stays with you after you've obtained your CCC. 

Who can join?

Any student enrolled in a Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology or SLPA program

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Post-Bacc
  • SLPA

how much does it cost?

1-Year Subscription $35.00 (annual renewal)

what students are saying

"Master Clinician serves as a valuable resource that provides students and clinicians with videos highlighting various types of therapy and disorders. When I was in undergrad I watched a video that still resonates with me today. When I initially watched this video, I noticed Ali’s youth, her condition, and her upbeat personality and motivation. The care the clinician harbored for the client was evident, and the feelings were mutual as they worked together towards Ali’s goals.

This video’s impact on me was threefold; it helped solidify my desire to work with the adult population, it provided an educational platform highlighting AAC devices, therapy techniques and subsequent explanations and rationales for each technique, and further fueled my passion and love for my chosen career."

Allison S.

Queens College